Who’s it for?
Publishers. If you publish content and have an audience, you can make money by promoting Tespo products. 

Why Join?
Our product is revolutionary. The future of vitamins is pill-free and Tespo is leading the charge. All liquid means better absorption, no unnecessary ingredients, and no more choking down horse pills. Premium ingredients paired with our smart vitamin dispenser — Tespo is revolutionizing the vitamin industry. 
Earn commissions. Rates are as follows (applies only to new customers):
- $25 per dispenser sale
- 20% of sale revenue on a monthly vitamin subscription (valid for first purchase only, not ongoing)
- 10% of sale revenue on a one-time vitamin purchase 
30-day cookie. The purchase doesn't need to be made on first click. People have up to 30 days to make a purchase after last clicking on your link.
It’s simple. Be up and running within minutes!


Additional questions?
If you have specific questions about the Tespo affiliate program — we've got answers. Shoot us an email at