Work with us

At Tespo, we create innovative products for customers to help improve their quality of life and deliver an experience that exceeds their expectations. 

If you share this same passion, we'd love to work with you! Here are a few partnerships that we offer.

Licensing Partner
Vitamin manufacturers can license Tespo's pod design so that their vitamins are compatible with the Tespo dispenser. Licensing partners benefit from improved customer retention, cleaner labels, and a formula with improved bioavailability.

Distribution Partner
We're always looking for distribution partners to expand Tespo's reach. 

Healthcare Provider
If you are interested in how Tespo's differentiated approach to supplementation and compliance can benefit your patients and your practice, drop us a line.

Media Partner
Help Tespo spread the word! We're looking for affiliate, co-marketing, content, and brand partnerships with like-minded companies. 

Other Partnership Opportunities
If you have a brand, product, or idea that would be a great fit with Tespo, our consumers, or the industry overall, we'd love to hear about it.